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Thailand Bike Tours is located in Bangkok, a perfect destination is for start any cycling holiday in Thailand and Multiple Countries in Southeast Asia ! A very multifaceted country where you still get value for your money. This active travel type of cycling is consist of the Culture, history, nature, culinary delights, adventure and splendid beaches, it’s all in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Furthermore, the friendly and heartwarming Thai people guarantee an unforgettable vacation.

This webpage was founded early 2009 as www.thailandbiketours.com with the aim to provide customers with an unique and unforgettable cycling holiday in Thailand and Cambodia combine with Vietnam. By now, we have become the Thailand Bike Tours with the office in Bangkok City, apart from our B.S.T Travel in Bangkok.
A young and enthusiastic team of specialists with many years of experience and knowledge about their home town.

Our Thailand Bike Tours give you that little extra that is overlooked by most tourists. Hence you will experience Thailand more intense and get an experience that adds significant value to your holiday.

Each location offers different excursions and the tours are focused on typical local activities. By bike you can explore interesting places that can’t be experienced from the seat of a car, bus or skytrain.
Our biking-tours are carried out in small groups. This aspect makes the tours a lot more personal, and ensures that there is plenty of time for questions and making pictures.

Because of our working method we are esteemed guests everywhere we come. We support small local businesses by making use of their services and we honor them generously for it. So you, as a participant, also contribute to the development of the local people.

However, the Thailand Bike Tours does not only support these small local businesses. Since 2009 we are actively engaged in projects involving children and education.

For many years we have been supporting the landtours (is visited during Colors of Bangkok) and Charity Trips.

The number of projects that we supervise and/or have co-financed are numerous and we hope to continue this on for many more years.

Please come to our office for your best advice and get the full of helpful information at any cycling trips in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Of course, we are looking forward to welcome you on one of our bicycle-fun adventures at this homepage with our warm regards.

Yee Vutha,

Rept. Thailand Bike Tours & Partners 

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