Bangkok Bike Trip 2 days

Many tours within 2 days in Bangkok, and visit the major attractions at an easy pace. This Bangkok itinerary is the perfect way to discover Bangkok, if you are wondering about “is 2 days in Bangkok enough?” Thailand Bike Tours will give you some best advices & activities:

With the first suggested itineraries such as this two day Bangkok one, something inevitably has to be left out. For that reason, I’ve also included other activities that you might be interested in if you are staying longer at the end of the guide.

In fact, you can spent upto 10 days in Bangkok as part of your trip to Thailand and Asia, mixing cycling, cultural excursion and sightseeing. My answer to how many days in Bangkok would be enough would honestly be five. But if you’re on a time limited schedule, two days in Bangkok is definitely better than none!

Conveniently, most of the main sights in Bangkok are located in one area, the Old City or Rattanakosin. Therefore, if you only have 2 days in Bangkok, it makes sense to stay in that area.
If you can’t stay in or near the area, make sure to choose a hotel in Bangkok near a metro line. You’ll also want to download the Grab taxi app for your phone. Getting a taxi has never been easier in Asia, and you can even get a Grab moped if you’re travelling by yourself!

Other things to consider: You will need to take into account the crazy traffic, and be prepared for tropical rain and high levels of pollution. You might also need to think about jetlag if you’ve had a long flight in.

Be cautious with your time, get an early start, and you’ll find this Bangkok travel guide pretty easy to follow. I’ve also included rough timings so you can estimate how long to spend in each place.

Ready? Let’s get started and discover Bangkok with Thailand Bike Tours via the below:


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