Thailand – the land of the Golden Temple is a developed country with a unique culture. Traveling to Thailand, visitors will have the opportunity to learn, discover the unique and in depth cultural Thailand.

Thailand is a country with an area of ​​​​about 517,000 square kilometers but a population of just over 62 million people. Currently, the “golden pagoda country” is an attractive tourist destination for many domestic and international tourists. When traveling with Thailand bike tours, you will feel all the features of the customs and habits in Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful country rich in culture with a lot of interesting and long traditions and a society that has always put respect for Buddhism first. Hello, thank you or goodbye is a unique feature of Thai culture. This is a gesture of clasping hands, like in prayer, bringing them to the chest or head and bowing.


Respect for the Royal Family

The royal family is the foundation of Thai culture, the people in the royal family are always the most respected by the Thai people. It would be a big mistake if you made bad comments about the King or anyone in the royal family, even if only as a joke. Another Thai custom is to stand while singing the “royal song” at sporting events, movies or other public events.

National anthem – traditional culture

Thailand is a country that respects Buddhism and the Royal Family, so everything related to their country is respected. Their national anthem is played twice daily. When the Thai national anthem is played, every citizen, wherever they are, must stop and stand up straight with national pride. This is also a traditional Thai custom you should know.

Pay attention to how to walk, stand and sit

Every part of the human body has its own meaning in Thai culture. Thai people attach great importance to the head, this is the holiest place of a person, casually touching someone’s head is a great disrespect and insult.

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Feet are the “least valuable” place, and they consider it impolite to keep your feet higher than someone’s head, especially when that person has a higher social status. This principle also greatly affects the way Thai people sit, their legs are never pointed at the opposite person. Pointing or touching anything with your feet is impolite.

Be careful with how you dress

Because it is a long-standing Buddhist country, Thai people often judge by the appearance and appearance of people. You should dress neatly to show respect for their religion, sloppy dressing is seen as disrespectful to them and will upset them.

Religious areas are very sensitive about dress. Here you have to be discreet, those who wear short pants, short skirts, halter tops, tank tops may be denied entry to temples until there is a suitable change.

Control your emotions well

In daily life, Thai people often pay attention to keeping life happy. Therefore, in the “country of smiles” expressing positive emotions in social interactions is also very important in Thai culture.

Anger is unforgivable IN DEPTH CULTURAL THAILAND BIKE TOURS, if someone starts to get angry, they usually walk away to calm down. In Thai culture and customs, failing to show a partner with a hot temper instead of a decency can lead to loss of business and alienation from colleagues.

Thai costume colors of the week

One of the very beautiful customs of Thailand, derived from the legend that each day of the week represents a specific color. Not all follow this custom, but you can see many people wearing yellow on Monday to celebrate the birth of the king or blue on Friday to celebrate the birth of a queen.

Remember to eat politely

Each Thai meal is full of utensils and has its own uses, but you should try to find out which is right for the dish you are eating. For example, when eating noodles, you can use chopsticks and when eating rice, you can use a spoon and fork.

Food in restaurants is usually served in large plates, from here people take their own cups. They consider people who take a lot of food and eat quickly as rude people. One of the cultural traditions of Thailand is to leave a small amount of food on the plate at the end of a meal to indicate that it has been eaten and that no more food is needed.

Let go of the habit of haggling

Vietnamese people often have the habit of bargaining when buying something, Thai people also have the same habit. The places where the prices are listed are usually restaurants and supermarkets, but where there are no price tags, like markets, or when renting a bicycle, bargain for the best price. Also remember, tipping is not a common practice, no one expects this, so don’t overdo it when traveling with Thailand Bike Tours – Asia By Bicycle Travel Company.