From Bangkok for most thailand cycling holidays

Based on the grand values of biking activities and its experiences along the riding holiday with Thailand Bike Tours, we will share with you about Bangkok which is a capital with its convenient start for most of thailand cycling holidays.

I. 02 International Airports:

Thailand is currently the country with the popular culture and people in Southeast Asia today, Thailand has gradually become a first destination because Bangkok capital has 2 international airports: the new international airport from 2006 Suvarnabhumi and the old international airport Don Mueang. Bangkok has created favorable conditions for most international tourists to choose as the starting place for all trips to Southeast Asia in general and Thailand in particular.


II. At the heart of many different directions of experience:

When you come to Bangkok, you can choose many directions to experience yourself from here:
+ Northwest: Cycling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
+ Northeast: Cycling from Bangkok to Siem Reap
+ Southeast: Cycling from Bangkok to Pattaya
+ Southwest: cycling from Bangkok to Phuket.

III. Combined with neighboring countries:

You will find many tours and routes combined with countries in Indochina such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. And since it’s usually your vacations, you only fall in the range of 7 days to 14 days, so most travel agencies adjust the organization for you to experience children during this period only. . If you have additional requirements for trips longer than 14 days, please contact them directly for advice and more complete information.

IV. Today’s best bike route:

Not only Thailand Bike Tours, You will also meet a lot of tour companies both in the country and abroad that suggest you the routes that you link 3 countries, 4 countries or even 5 countries around Thailand. I like: Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam.

See also: Cycling Bangkok through Cambodia to Saigon Vietnam 14D/13N with price 2,500 USD/PP

V. About Thailand Bike Tours:

I put all of my energy and energy into cycling, and optimize the best possible service on the routes that we have tested and tested before. We do not expect mass products that many people can organize easily, but each of our rides must contain really useful values ​​and provide value for money. mentally and physically. Help our lives have the most meaningful experiences!


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