Bike tours Thailand to Siem Reap

Before you plan to learn about bike tours Thailand to Siem Reap, B.S.T Travel would like to give you some of the information:

  • Distance: 375 km
  • Road type: tar and mostly easy.
  • Elevation: gentle hill, up hill 9% at Khao Yai National Park and surroundings.
  • Accommodation: Good and very good in the town, 3 start, 4 start and 5 start with resort along the ride. 
  • Recommend date of cycling: 4 to 7 days, with 375km if you spend more than 7 days is not much things to enjoy. If you are more than 65 years old, you can take more than 7 days includes the rest days and slow ride.

Reason to choose Thailand Bike Tours for your this cycling holiday:

– No highway and busy roads.

– Very good support minivan with the helpful local team: guide, driver, support guide, mechanic..

– Serving a qualified local food and safe local foods with Thai traditional style.

– Well advance booked service and details before running the cycling tour from Bankok.

– Professional sale staff and practical guide could be a sale as heart quote.

In the other case, you may not want to take our thailand bicycle tours, please research something helps you travel yourself via the public transportation:

– If you are traveling around Southeast Asia, there will come a time when you want to visit major tourist attractions like Bangkok, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia. However, traveling between these two locations can be difficult for newcomers to travel. You have a number of options and each has its own strengths, depending on what is important to you – speed of movement, comfort, price, … Here are a few factors you should consider. consider before choosing transportation for the 254-mile trip, so that you arrive safely and prepare to explore new lands.

– Traveling between Bangkok and Siem Reap by bus is especially popular for one simple reason: affordability.

– Direct buses do not require you to change vehicles when crossing the Thailand-Cambodia border. Some direct bus providers include Nattakan and Giant Ibis. Both companies use full-size buses, the fare for Nattakan and Giant Ibis is 640k and 740k respectively, with minimal surcharges if you book online instead of buying tickets in person on the day of departure. You should book your tickets online to secure your seat.

– Minibuses are another option for traveling from Bangkok to Siem Reap. However, you have to change cars when going to the border, which means things are a bit more complicated than a direct bus and you can expect to wait up to three hours at the border. Not only do you have to face finding another car to move at the border, but also because minibus tickets are more affordable, the bus is often very crowded. Fares for minibuses have many levels, but you only have to pay no more than 460k for the whole journey. You must purchase a minibus ticket directly and the bus departs at Bangkok North Bus Terminal (at Mo Chit Station).


– Of course, going from Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus is very popular and affordable, but in return they are not very comfortable. Then take the bus, sometimes it’s a bit crowded. But you will get to see the beautiful scenery throughout the whole thailand to Siem Reap trip. Or you can contact us easily, we response to you shortly !

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