Bicycle tours: Chao Praya river before 14 day adventure

Chao Phraya River is one of the legendary rivers of Thailand, flowing smoothly through the beautiful city of Bangkok. Seeing the ancient architecture close to the riverbanks with a little more poetry when cruising down the Chao Phraya River makes millions of tourists who visit Thailand secretly love this land.

The Chao Praya River – also known as the Mekong River – is one of the largest rivers in Thailand, formed by four main tributaries named Nan, Yom, Ping and Wang, which empties into the Gulf of Thailand. . In general, the Chao Praya River is an extremely important waterway for Thai people living along the riverbank. Therefore, the population density around this area is very large, creating a vibrant and bustling life.

The Chao Phraya River means the river of kings and is considered a sacred river for Thai people. The river is up to 372 km long, interlaced with a network of canals passing through the central plains and the capital Bangkok and the Gulf of Thailand. The old river lifestyle thousands of centuries ago is still very clearly imprinted in this dreamy and charming picture of the Chao Praya river landscape.

A special thing when tourists go on a Thailand tour down the Chao Phraya River is to see Bangkok with the boundary between the past and the modern. The river divides Bangkok into two regions, the old side with mossy old wooden houses, the modern side with skyscrapers and a modern transportation system.

This is not really a historical destination, but if you choose for your Thailand bicycle tour, then going to the Chao Praya forest is the extremely important highlights for us to be able to enjoy. You have just integrated nature with the culture of the indigenous people and you can conquer the Chao Praya River by boat.